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MATERIAL: 2 x 45 & 2 x 30 minutes
PERFORMANCE: Tracks Plus Live Instruments

The UK’s most exciting and energetic duo!

Featuring unparalleled Saxophone, Harmonica, Piano and Vocals. 

The Lady and The Sax are a dynamic, award-winning duo that performs an epic blend of saxophone, harmonica, piano, and vocals. They will be sure to bring you the ultimate show to remember. Covering songs from across the decades, their electric, high-energy performance is one not to be missed whilst onboard. Sit tight and get ready to ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll!’


Come and join The Lady and The Sax as they take you on a musical journey, covering some of the greatest artists of Jazz, Soul & Rock’n’Roll and songs from all eras. This electrifying duo bring the feel-good fun to every show.


Hold on to your seats… You won’t be disappointed! Get ready to be entertained with the UK’s most exciting, award-winning duo: The Lady and The Sax!

Featuring the charisma, charm and phenomenal stage presence of musician, Sam Pagett! Featuring the Sax, Harmonica, Piano and incredible vocals, that will definitely get you singing and toe-tapping along. 


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