Workshops & Online Parties 

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The Ultimate Prince & Princess Experience Live from Magic Castle!  

All our Princesses are professionally trained dance teachers or professional dancers all DBS certified, we will always ensure choreography is done safely, correctly and fitting to the age range of your students. Our company is particularly popular with dance schools as we offer this service. 


Workshops & Online Parties are streamed over zoom from our very own Princess Castle whilst our princesses share this wonderful magical experience in their beautiful high quality costumes. 


We have all Disney princesses for you to choose from, availability dependent. 


What's included? 


* Dances 

* Sing alongs 

*Princess Song 

* Princess Games 

* Royal Introductions with each child 

* Magical Wishes 

* Personalised E invitation 

* Goody bags, Tiaras & Certificates (extra cost) delivered. 


Price Packages


£50 for a half an hour package 


£65 for 45 mins 


£100 for 1 Hour

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 Diva Doll Workshop & Online Party

* Dance & Sing along with our Diva Doll 

* 30 minutes of Fun, Dancing & Diva Doll top tips!  Workshops & Parties covering music from the most current bands & pop-stars!

* LOL Diva Doll top tips! 

* Personalised Invitations 

* Perfect for young girls that love to dance! 

30 min Diva Dance Party £50


The Ultimate Tik Tok Workshops 

With Our Tik Tok Famous Pro's

⭐️Sophisticated Entertainment Proudly Presents 

⭐️Tik Tok Workshop & Parties! 

⭐️ Learn current key moves from trending Tik Toks

⭐️ Learn VIRAL Tik Tok dances

 ⭐️ Top tips on how to slay Tik Tok 

- all whilst having FUN 🤩

⭐️ Personalised Social Media advert made for your event! / invitation 

⭐️No limit to how many guests 


30 min workshop - £40 

45 min workshops - £55 

1 hour - £70 

Meet the Tik Tok Pro's Who will you choose? 


Hey! I'm Lewis! 

Aida Cruises and Big Band Beat in Tokyo Disney. 175K followers on Tik Tok and 8Million likes. 

Fun Fact - I speak Japanese !


Hey! I'm Sally,  25 and i've been on TikTok since the beginning with over 32.5K followers! 

Working with Sophisticated Entertainment and hosting the TikTok parties have been a blast. As a dancer in the industry, TikTok is a great way to have fun, show off your dance moves and what you love. Seeing so many kids having a good time as we learn all the popular dance trends is always a pleasure! 



I have 5 sheep, 12 Chickens and 5 Ducks as pets...

Spider-Man Super Hero Adventure

 Learn Spider-Man moves

Take part in the Ultimate Super Hero Adventure!

Play super hero games! 


Super Hero question & answer session! 


Photo opportunity’s 


Live on Zoom 

Spider-Man Costume as seen below! Luxury Costume!


Personalised social media advert included! 


30 min workshop £50 

45 min workshop £65 

1 hour workshop £100 ( including certificates )


Online Makeup Parties & Workshops

Professional makeup artist Megan!

Covering 2 different looks 


*Base makeup 

*Show / Party makeup 


Specialising in 

*How to apply correctly and properly 

*Importance of skincare whilst on contracts 

*How to highlight correct areas to enhance facial expressions 


*Q&A with our MUA

30 min workshop £30 - Standard Package 

45 min workshop £45 -  Luxury Package

We have two different Makeup Workshops 

1 - Makeup with Mum! Perfect for younger children to do with a parent! Great for learning & practising together! 

2 - Makeup for Teens & Older Children - Perfect for kids who enjoy doing their own makeup and learning how to apply properly

Ultimate Ariana!



Brand New & Exclusive to Sophisticated Entertainment Ltd! 

Popstar parties and workshops throughout lockdown and beyond with our professional singer! 


🎤 Singalong with Ariana’s popular songs

🎤 Learn our popstar killer moves 

🎤 Virtual interactive concert 

🎤 Pop star themed parties 

🎤 Pre-recorded singagrams available