What We Offer

We offer a large variety of acts, available for weddings, events, functions & cruise ship fly on acts, Along with our show teams available for cruise ships, tours & hotels as resident casts. All our acts are self-contained and come fully prepared with all the necessary equipment & costumes for your event.​

We offer the following acts 


  • Professional Vocalists (solo, duo, bands, groups, trio’s) our books consist of all vocal styles & genres. 


  • Professional Dancers (solo, duo, groups) We have every style of a dancer on our books whether it be belly dancers to Salsa, Freestyle to Latin we have something that will fit your event, all our dancers come with costumes fitting to your event. 


  • Cirque acts, Fire Breathing & speciality acts 


  • Models for events (Male & Female) 


  • Musicians (Pianist, Violinist, Guitarist, Drummers, Saxophonist & more)  


  • Top-quality costumed appearances (under speciality acts on our website) perfect for parties/events & functions. 



  • Cruise Ships, Ferries, River cruises, Hotels


Sophisticated Entertainment is bringing a brand new style & sophisticated flair to entertainment at sea & on land. Our sophisticated show teams are made up of top quality industry professionals. 

Our shows cater to all audiences with a traditional but modern flair, something for everyone! Let our beautiful costume designs wow your audiences, Our set designs tailored just for your venue will certainly not disappoint. 

We will design our shows specifically for each client so it is exclusive and created just for you so you can be the best on the market! 

Be the company that everyone envy’s , Great entertainment is the key to success, so revamp yours today! 

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