We offer a large variety of Entertainment, available for weddings, events, functions & cruise ship fly on acts, Along with our show teams available for cruise ships, tours & hotels as resident casts. Our Sophisticated KIDS department brings the most magical children's entertainment experiences.The possibilities are endless for a bespoke entertainment company such as Sophisticated Entertainment Ltd! 

Let us bring your vision to life! 

What we offer - 


  • Professional Vocalists (solo, duo, bands, groups, trio’s) 


  • Professional Dancers 


  • Cirque acts, Fire Breathing & speciality acts 


  • Models, Hosts, Flash mobs for Events/Functions & Corporate


  • Musicians (Pianist, Violinist, Guitarist, Drummers, Saxophonist & more)  


  • Sophisticated KIDS - Offers amazing children's packages, doorstep visits, parties, special events, Children's entertainment for companies, Christmas grotto's & so much more!  

  • Musicals, Pantomimes all fully created in-house, bespoke created scripts / original music / stunning choreography by award winning creatives. 

  • Production Casts with a variety of themed  production shows  for Cruise Ships, Ferries, River cruises, Hotels, Holiday Parks 


Sophisticated Entertainment is bringing a brand new style & sophisticated flair to entertainment on land and sea. 

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