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The Albino Hypnotist


MATERIAL: 2 x 45 & 2 x Mind & Soul Seminars

Fraser Penman
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Fraser Penman is the Albino Hypnotist. The newest, most exciting, up and coming performing sensation from Scotland at only 27 years old.


He first hit the headlines and grabbed the attention of the press with his standout appearance alone, but that’s just the beginning.  Quoted as “Glasgow’s next Derren Brown”, by the Daily Record and frequently featured in radio interviews across the UK, this young man is the future face of hypnosis entertainment, bringing a modern twist on an age-old art. 


The Night of the Mind, is his headline comedy, hypnosis show, fused with mentalism.  Playing to packed venues, he combines his unique look with a high energy show that leaves audiences roaring with laughter, giving a performance you’ll never forget.   As one of the youngest, most promising and current Entertainment Hypnotists around, Fraser attended the world renowned, Michael C. Anthony's Stage Hypnosis University to perfect his art and was mentored by him personally.


The Mindset for Success Event is his event for business.  Passionate about helping others with their mindset, Fraser knows, from first-hand experience, the difference a positive mindset can make.  Using hypnosis and psychological techniques in this engaging and exciting event, he’ll help re-ignite your passion and motivation for business and life.  Having experienced, physical, mental and cyber bullying growing up, just for looking ‘different',  left him with absolutely no self-esteem or self-confidence, at one point, so low, he contemplated suicide.  That all changed when, in his late teens he discovered hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis, and that's what helped transform his own mindset, further fuelling his passion to help others.   After many hours, days and months of studying, whilst working a full-time job in education, he qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist, studying under Dr Claire Jack achieving his Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is now registered with the GHR

(General Hypnotherapy Register).

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